Floating Upweller System & Machinery

Floating Upweller System Specifications:

  • Grow shellfish right out of the hatchery until large enough to be field planted .
  •  Save money in labor, equipment and production
  • Take your animals from spat to planting in one season!
  • Long life construction with minimal operational costs
  • Built as a 20’ x 8’ dock section, it allows for dual use in marinas or private docks
  • Forced upflow culture system reduces your nursery growing time by as much as two-thirds.
  • A sliding trolley Block and Tackle system allows for easy silo removal for cleaning
  • Delivered ready to use! Just drop it in the water and plug it in.
  • Can be customized to meet your needs, or in kit form.
  • Components easily available for replacement or as needed. 
SKU: 2131232.

Product Description

System Specifications:

  • 8’ x 20’ pressure-treated wood dock with four doors
  • Eight 2’ x 2’ Heavy-duty Fiberglass silos and 2’ x 8’ trough
  • All stainless steel hardware
  • Heavy-duty 1/2 HP axial-flow pump capable of 800 GPM flow rate through (Upweller) system
  • Sliding bar trolley Block and Tackle lifting system for easy silo cleaning – optional
  • Customized wire mesh trays available
  • Capacity of up to two million animals


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